Hope Probe UAE Mars Mission

The Hope Probe UAE Mars Mission is a UAE Space Agency space exploration mission to Mars. The UAE Mars Mission Named Hope Probe designed and developed, and operations are led by the in (MBRSC) located
Al Khawaneej Street, Al Khawaneej – Dubai

what is the mission of Hope Probe?

The Hope Probe UAE Mars Mission will be the first probe to provide a complete picture of the atmosphere and its layers when it reaches the red planet’s orbit in 2021. The Team will provide a set of measurements to improve the understanding of ​circulation and improve the wether

Why Mars?

The Red planet is a clear target for a probe for different reasons. We have much information about Mars and technology to explore more. The first reason is it’s closer to our earth and the scientific reasons for going to understanding the planet’s evolution and preparing for future human transportation one planet to other
Is it a basic human issue to understand whether life existed somewhere else in the universe beyond Earth? Earth and Mars have some similarities in the Solar System. Evidence suggests that Mars has a similar kind of environment.

The first image of Mars was published on Sunday by Hope Probe.

The United Arab Emirates’ Hope project has returned its first image of Mars. The spacecraft entered orbit around the Red Planet on Tuesday, making the UAE the first Arab nation to have a scientific presence on Earth near its neighbor in history. The first UAE Space Exploration Mission returned its first picture of a red planet.

The spacecraft’s arrival on Mars made the UAE the fifth country in history to visit the red planet—and the Arab world’s first.